Sarah Nicolazzo is an actress, writer and director based in Melbourne, Australia. Born and raised in Thomastown with the blood of Naples running through her, it was no wonder Sarah inherited the dramatic flair of her ancestors.


She is a multiple award-winning actress (Sydney Web Fest, New Jersey Web Fest) and has been nominated at festivals around the world for her work in the acclaimed digital series’ THE HOLIEST ONE and MADDALENA (New York Web Fest, NZ Web Fest, Seoul Web Fest). She co-wrote and directed both projects alongside her writing partner Philip Speers.


She is also the co-creator of the online sketch comedy channel WAILING ROOM COMEDY and the widely popular WAILING SARAH Instagram account.


Since 2017 she has been training at The Groundlings Theatre in LA undertaking their comedy performance program. Sarah has been mentored by Groundlings alumni Brian Palermo (Social Network, Happy Time Murders), Holly Mandel (founder of IMPROVOLUTION NYC) & Guy Stevenson (MAD TV).


Sarah holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts from Melbourne University and has over 15 years’ experience as an actor. As a writer she is furiously driven to create works that capture women in all their complexities.